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Demanding Chocolate On Every Flight

November 12, 2011

Like the perfect hostess she is, Lina Abdo can see the connections most folks miss. God bless her. On Friday,  she found a way to link chocolate, Veterans Day and travel at the 14th annual New York Chocolate Show. Hundreds, nay thousands were packed into the Metropolitan Pavilion for the show, sampling chocolates in every conceivable size, color and flavor. But the two marines who wound up at the display belonging to Lina’s little business, Les Cinq Amandes, were treated to sweets, sweet thanks for their service and made to feel like rock stars. Les Cinq Amandes, (French for the five almonds)  makes customized gift… Read More…

Autumn From Above

October 14, 2011

One of my all time favorite books is Earth From Above by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, which presents a pilot-eye view of the earth. It’s remarkable that even from great heights, Bertrand’s photographs reveal the subtle characteristics of land-dwelling humanity. Living in New England, this is the time of year when I most want Bertrand’s thousand-foot perspective because my little corner of the world is just the most remarkable place right-this-very-minute. Tomorrow, If the day is clear, I’ll go flying with my friend David Paqua in his Acro Sport, a biplane he built on the second floor of his glass shop in Stamford, and we’ll zoom around… Read More…

In the Skyway, It’s “My Way or the Highway”

October 10, 2011

I can’t say who is right; airline passenger Jill Tarlow or airline executive John McDonald. Both tell contradictory versions of the same story. Did US Airways allow a man to board an airplane and sit conspicuously in the first class cabin wearing only ladies’ panties, a jog bra, thigh-high stockings and a see-through shrug while all manner of passengers walked past to get to their seats in economy? That’s what Ms. Tarlow says happened. Or is John McDonald, spokesman for US Airways correct? He says the first-class, cross-dressing, Dividend miler, was asked to cover up sometime after Ms. Tarlow snapped his photo in the San Francisco… Read More…

A City for Strolling, Sailing, Soaring and Sipping

October 4, 2011

All this talk of chocolate and coffee has me thinking about Geneva; because no matter where you go in this city, you are never far from either. In keeping with the theme of GO HOW,  that is how you get where you go matters –  I want to stress that sweets notwithstanding, Geneva is a city for people who like to be on the move. They’ve got trains, they’ve got buses, they’ve got boats and (my personal favorite) they’ve got airplanes! Boy oh boy do they have airplanes. EasyJet has a hub here and fifty-nine other airlines serve little Geneva Airport. And not only that,… Read More…

Plenty to Love Besides the Candy at Changi

September 28, 2011

I’ve made no secret of my affection for Singapore’s Changi Airport. But perhaps you don’t know that I also love chocolate. Which is why I was intrigued by a press release sent to me by the airport today announcing that when Americans pass through Singapore’s airport, the thing they most often buy is, you guessed it, chocolate. My fellow Americans – we are so out there in our obsession with chocolate,  that we purchased 1.35 million boxes of chocolate at that airport last year. I’ve been to Changi airport 3 or 4 times. I don’t remember buying chocolate there, ever. I do, however remember buying… Read More…

When Aviation Was on Top of the World

September 23, 2011

There’s no shortage of long lingering camera views in ABC’s new television show Pan Am, which airs for the first time Sunday September 25th and which I was allowed to preview recently. Views of what you ask? You know, the schtick that evokes the glory days of aviation, sleek and shiny airframes, smooth and super cool flight crews. The two vie for camera time in the hour-long pilot (cool your jets, “pilot” is TV speak for the first episode). I can assure you there’s enough visual candy in this show to make it appealing beyond the airplane geek, the travel nut and the romantic which… Read More…

Going Nowhere on a Field of Dreams

September 18, 2011

GO HOW is all about the way we get to the places we go, but don’t be confused, actually getting there is sometimes beside the point. There are few vehicles less likely than a hot air balloon to actually transport you somewhere – literally transport you that is. Hot air balloon pilots are the only aviators who “don’t know where they will launch, how long they will fly or where they are going to land,” according to Daniel Cave, a retired balloon pilot and “balloon meister” at the Plano Balloon Festival underway this weekend in Texas.  “Most of us are not type A personalities.” This… Read More…

Where Hot Air is a Very Good Thing

September 16, 2011

A very long time ago, in the Montgolfier home in rural France, the family laundry was drying by the fire when air trapped inside a silk nightgown caused the garment to float upwards. The surprise event got the attention of brothers Joseph and Jacques, who quickly figured out that not only does hot air rise, it has the potential to lift.  By 1783, the two had gone on to invent and launch the world’s first passenger aircraft, the hot air balloon. Their sensational discovery has long since been eclipsed in notoriety by the Wright Brothers, whose Wright Flyer has a slightly closer resemblance to the… Read More…

A New Kind of Security Line

June 5, 2011

Hands up if you like the idea of passing through a security checkpoint without having to take off your shoes, empty your pockets, pry out your laptop or remove your jacket. This story is for you. I was kinda hoping that the future might take us to a place where there is no need for airport security but  just in case that’s not where we’re headed, the International Air Transport Association is proposing this alternative; a three-passage screening tunnel that sends fully clothed, carry-on-toting travelers through a high-tech passageway where advanced X-ray, metal, liquid and explosive detectors and a shoe scanner do their work while… Read More…

Singapore Taking That Fasten Seatbelt Sign Seriously

June 2, 2011

Writing from Changi Airport Singapore On my way to Singapore today I was struck by how seriously the flag carrier takes the fasten seat belt sign. Kudos to pilots of Singapore Airlines Flight 21 for turning on and sitting down its passengers and cabin crew at the first indication of turbulence. Flight attendants are the most susceptible of anyone on the airplane to injuries arising from turbulence. Despite that, I often notice they are moving about the cabin in bumpy air, as I wrote for The New York Times last year. My friend, airline pilot Pete Frey, had told me that Singapore, known for its… Read More…

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