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Food That Nourishes the Traveler’s Soul

July 15, 2011

When I worked as a correspondent for CBS News I traveled quite a bit. My husband Jim, who likes to travel but LOVES food, used to research my destination using the Sterns’ Road Food Good Food guide. Then he’d call me on the road and tell me where to eat. I know you’re thinking, “Well, where’s the fun in that for him?” But he wasn’t with me, so eating vicariously through me was the next best thing. There’s no book in which my dining experiences on my most recent trip would be featured, but if Jim had come along, he would also have loved my… Read More…

Looking for the “Old” in Old Dubai

July 12, 2011

There’s no shortage of men in traditional dishdasha, women in full-length black abaya with nikab covering all but their eyes, but there’s little else about Dubai that seems authentically old world. Since arriving in the Emirates last week I’ve been on the prowl for antiquity. I know its here somewhere, but maybe it got lost in all the bulldozing and construction craning. I’m in Dubai on assignment for The New York Times. My hosts at Emirates flight crew training have been wonderful. Though they’re not Arab, they may as well be for all the gracious hospitality they’ve shown. After work, they’ve taken me to dine… Read More…

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