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Aviation Lawyer Added to 737 Max Cast of Villains

December 15, 2020

An attorney whose work defending the environment 30-years ago was the subject of the Hollywood movie Erin Brockovich,  has been cast as the latest villain in the never-ending-drama of the Boeing 737 Max. Tom Girardi, of Girardi Keese in Los Angeles, has been fined, the assets of his firm frozen and he appears to be the subject of a federal criminal investigation. The once-respected attorney is accused of stealing the money Boeing sent to him to settle several suits in the October 2018 Lion Air crash. In a lawsuit filed in Northern District of Illinois Federal Court, Chicago attorney Jay Edelson compares Girardi to the… Read More…

Ethiopia’s Black Boxes Arrive in France, Will Criminal Probe Be Next?

March 14, 2019

They might not have thought it possible for the situation to get worse, but the decision of the Ethiopians to send the black boxes from Flight 302 in Paris may give Boeing yet another thing to worry about; the possibility that the planemaker could become the subject of a criminal investigation by the French. In a number of countries, air accident investigations pursue a dual track; both air safety and criminal liability. This is the case in France. Following the fatal crash of Air France’s Concorde in Paris in July 2000, the government prosecuted Continental Airlines (now United) and two airline employees charging them with… Read More…

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