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United 767 Makes Emergency Landing as Engine Quits on Zurich Flight

March 28, 2022

This post has been modified to reflect a wise reader’s observation that the age of plane is less relevant than the age and most recent maintenance of the PW4000 engines, which this person believes must be considerably younger. I do not have this information as Pratt & Whitney and United declined to answer questions. Passengers boarding United’s Sunday flight from Newark to Zurich had to be pleasantly surprised to discover the cabin was only half full.  That is unusual as airlines struggle to keep up with post-pandemic passenger demand. But the good news stopped before the Boeing 767-300 had even crossed the Atlantic, as the… Read More…

More Than Show Stoppers, Air Force Thunderbirds Demonstrate the Power of Teamwork

March 25, 2018

The invitation to fly in an F-16 with the US Air Force Thunderbirds that arrived in my inbox early March, required only one word of reply, but I offered three. “Yes. Yes. Yes.” I knew that the Thunderbirds and their Navy counterparts the Blue Angels invite reporters and others we today call “influencers” to fly backseat on demonstration flights. The practice is not limited to military teams. Acrobatic performers have invited me into their airplanes in the past; John Klatt and Dell Coller, and Rob Holland all hosted me in their Extras. And once, I donned a parachute for a harrowing flight designed to teach airline pilots how… Read More…

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