“Christine Negroni has a mind you can shave with.”

–Time Magazine

I am a journalist, a published author, speaker and broadcaster specializing in aviation and travel.

From ABC News to The New York Times to Air & Space and the HuffingtonPost, I provide readers with news and commentary based on my experience covering the airline industry for the past two decades.

Aviation not your thing? No worries. There’s plenty here from my travels around the world complete with advice and inspiration on how to enjoy every step of your journey.

So stick around, read about my latest book The Crash Detectives, be informed and entertained by my blogs Flying Lessons and GOHOW, or learn how you can hire me to write, speak or consult for you.

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The Crash Detectives

Investigating the World’s Most Mysterious Air Disasters

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing captured the attention of the world. And yet it was only one of a number mysterious air accidents. Investigating even these enigmatic disasters can reveal important truths about how humans and machines fail that make flying ever safer. Learn more…

Deadly Departure by Christine NegroniLearn about Christine Negroni’s New York Times Notable book
Deadly Departure: Why the Experts Failed to Prevent the TWA 800 Disaster and How it Could Happen Again

“A well-written, well-researched chronicle of events surrounding the crash of Flight 800” —The New York Times

The Crash Detectives by Christine Negroni

Personal Journeys Using Dance to Connect With Locals

On a trip to Austria in 2013, I took a drop-in waltz class at the Rueff Dance School in downtown Vienna. I only paid for an hour, so I was limited to the basic steps, but even so, it was thrilling after just 15 minutes to actually be twirling around the floor… Read more…

Riding the Rails Proves There Are No Strangers on a Train

The sound of raucous conversation greeted us when the double saloon-style doors opened to the Gold class lounge on Australia’s famed long distance train, The Ghan. My sister Lee and I were late in arriving for the departure… Read more…

Why Airplanes are Safe

Frequent fliers, you may have heard the legend of the pilot who bid passengers farewell after landing with these words: “The safest part of your trip is now over.” That isn’t just one pilot’s boast, it’s a truth most air travelers take for granted. Read more…

The Man Who Solved the Mystery of Flight 901

Alwyn Gordon Vette, a New Zealander pilot whose independent analysis of an airplane crash in Antarctica helped to identify an important hazard in Arctic flying, died Sunday at a hospital in Auckland after a long illness. He was 82. Read more…


  • My Growing Affection for All That Flies
    For the past two decades I’ve had a passion for things that fly and that’s as it should be considering writing about aviation is how I make my living. How birds arrived on my radar screen is not so clear, but on a trip to Gulf ...



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  • 2017 – Guest speaker Royal Aeronautical Society, London
  • 2017 – Dinner speaker Sulgrave Club Washington, DC
  • 2017 – Keynote speaker Air Law Symposium Orlando
  • 2017 – Speaker Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott, AZ
  • 2016 – Panelist IATA Crisis Communications Conference
  • 2016 – Luncheon speaker Avicon 2016 Stevensville, MD
  • 2016 – Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong Luncheon Speaker
  • 2015 – On Camera Contributor – ABC News World News Tonight
  • 2014 – Presenter – IATA Crisis Communications Seminar Istanbul
  • 2014 – Guest Lecturer – International Space University Montreal
  • 2014 – Guest Triple M Radio Sydney, Australia
  • 2014 – On Camera Contributor – ABC News Nightline
  • 2013 – On Camera Contributor – National Geographic New York
  • 2011 – Guest Lecturer – Florida Institute of Technology
  • 2011 – On Camera Contributor – Discovery Channel Air Crash Investigations
  • 2010 – Speaker – Some Like it Hot: Why and how aviation professionals should handle  the media when a crisis erupts. Aviation and Ash Conference in Reykjavik Iceland
  • 2010 – Speaker – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Christine Negroni at Crisis Comm Conference Hong Kong

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