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Border Crossings and Borders Those Who Love America Should Not Cross

January 30, 2024

I saw frozen fog for the first time in my life, driving my campervan across Amarillo, Texas in 2021. The sight of that meteorological phenomenon, I will not soon forget. Two years later, I encountered the most consistently agreeable people while driving through South Dakota. Other highlights in the Mt. Rushmore State? The pink quartzite everywhere, wow. Mitchell, SD’s prehistoric Indian village was wow squared. For a bike ride that seems to go on forever with a stunning view around every bend, Idaho’s Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes is a show-stopper. I’m going to miss those places along with the similarly magnificent Wyoming, Utah, and… Read More…

Not Just Another Roadside Attraction

July 8, 2023

  He has been on display for 44 years now, rockin’ a leafy little tunic. The Jolly Green Giant just off Interstate 90 at Blue Earth, Minnesota is a plant-based superhero. He is not just another roadside attraction. To figure that out, though, you’ve got to walk away from that 55-foot piece of Impossible beefcake and stroll across the parking lot to the Giant Museum and Welcome Center. I promise you, it is a bushel of fun. It is also a step back in time to a world before Whole Foods. The Giant Museum is ostensibly a look at one company’s contribution to a world… Read More…

Lights, Action & Bring Your Cameras to These Winter Celebrations

November 25, 2022

Nestled in the corner of a city park, a short walk from subway lines, schools, bodegas and falafel shops, New York’s famed Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an urban oasis. It is a place, New York’s arts commissioner Laurie Cumbo says, where New Yorkers come to breathe. While that is undoubtedly true, convincing people to visit when the days get cold and night creeps on early is a challenge. For the second year the BBG (as the Brookyn Botanic is known), is creating “a new season,” according to Kathryn Glass, vice president of marketing for the garden. On November 16th, the switch was flipped, illuminating one… Read More…

Cross Country in a Campervan and How Americans Exercise their Freedom of Speech

August 17, 2022

  If you can tell something about a person by the car they drive, then spend a minute and you’ll discover, Tom Hinz, of Three Forks, Montana is a man with an interest in social justice, the environment, humor and bicycle riding. I was finishing up my own ride on the Headwaters Trail near Three Forks when Hinz pulled next to my campervan at the trailhead and started unloading his bike. Music by the Beatles was streaming from the open windows of his red sedan, but that wasn’t what made me turn off the ignition, grab my phone and get out to take a closer… Read More…

Travel Is Back and New Film Asks, “Can We Do it Better This Time?”

June 9, 2022

And like that, travel is booming again. No one is more surprised than me. During the height of the pandemic, I predicted it would be close to a decade before people felt comfortable packing themselves into crowded planes, trains and cruise ships. But no, with a few notable exceptions like some Asian countries, where Covid-related restrictions are still in place, and the ongoing war in Ukraine, nearly everywhere else around the world travel is rebounding, according to the United Nations World Tourism Agency. The onus is on us then, to be better travelers than we were in the past. This is not so difficult, once… Read More…

When Night Falls in Cadiz Music Provides the Light

February 10, 2022

By my reckoning, I’ve spent more than 100 days in Cadiz over the past few years. That’s notable since my only knowledge of this Andalucian town before my first visit in 2019 was what I’d read on Google after entering the search term “warmest places in Spain in January”. I could not spend another winter in Connecticut. Cadiz fit the bill. I could list 100 treats I’ve since discovered in this treasure box of a town, (and in fact, I’ve already written about a few) but I’m going to confine this post to tonight. First of all, life happens on a different schedule here. The… Read More…

Can Your Next Vacation Make You Smarter?

August 19, 2021

Zermatt, Switzerland – It’s a no-brainer that visiting museums and historic sites can make a vacation an educational experience. But kinetic activities, say a heart-rate elevating rafting trip or a tour by bike can also make us smarter. People who immerse themselves in nature get other benefits too, including enhanced memory, cognitive function and creativity, a feeling of well-being and bonding opportunities with like-minded fellow travelers. That science backed up what I’d already believed to be true was liberating. No longer did I have to feel guilty about choosing to go snorkeling instead of an edifying but more sedentary outing like visiting a local landmark…. Read More…

Traveling With Ignorance and Uncertainty. Yes, I Bought a Campervan

July 15, 2021

It took eight months from that day in May 2020 when I first started thinking about getting an RV until I took possession of my new campervan. While that’s shy of a full gestation period, I do find myself murmuring, “Hello baby,” each time I approach it, ready for my next road trip. Yes, Ladies and Gents, I bought a campervan and it has taken possession of me. From the position of still not knowing much about this thing called #vanlife, Here are some things I have learned already. There is a lot to learn. Other RV owners are eager to help. Some are brilliant…. Read More…

It’s A Long Road to Stardom – Comedienne Makes Cross Country Walk for Selfi Documentary

May 3, 2021

    If Jessica Watkins seems a few steps ahead of everybody else, that’s because she is. Before outdoor recreation became as popular as it is now, Watkins was walking across the country. When only millions of people were vlogging rather than the 2.6 billion doing it today, Watkins was reclining in a pup tent recording thoughts both comical and poignant into a laptop camera. And before women started to convert the trauma of sexual assault from fear and shame into something more powerful, Watkins was using her own rape in standup comedy routines. And now, three years after her trek, Watkins is surely one… Read More…

Finding Travel Treats Close to Home

September 8, 2020

The virtual traveler may be all the rage, but for those of us working at our computers during the coronavirus, more time in front of a screen seems like the opposite of a getaway. So on a recent walk not five miles from my home in Greenwich, Connecticut, I was delighted to find the ruins of a mansion hidden deep in the woods off the trail of a city park. I’m a sucker for the large historical artifact, which I wrote about in this article for The New York Times. I’ve written about my visits to historic sites in Iceland, England, Germany, Turkey and Syria…. Read More…

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