Will Jeff Epstein’s Popular “Global Girl” Face Sex Crime Charges Too?

July 9, 2019 / 12 Comments

Among the lengthy list of villains in the disturbing saga of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is a small cadre of women who as youngsters themselves, helped the billionaire feed his insatiable appetite for teenaged girls. Nadia Marcinko, the pilot and social media influencer known as Global Girl, was named as one of these abetters, as I reported before in Flying Lessons.

We know that victims testified Marcinko was a participant in the sex crimes Epstein plead guilty to in Palm Beach back in 2008. Forty girls said Epstein paid them to for sex sometimes with him and Marcinko, and that they were also encouraged to recruit other girls for this activity between 2002-2005. Now even though the U.S. Attorney in Florida made a non-prosecution agreement deal with Epstein which resulted in his paltry time in jail, Federal prosecutors in New York say they will put Epstein on trial again.

Marcinko stopped posting on social media in June probably around the time the Grand Jury was meeting in New York to consider the new indictment of Epstein that was released on Monday.  But she might also be in legal jeopardy – though not double jeopardy because she was never indicted or prosecuted.

In a court document filed in Florida, Marcinko is repeatedly referred to as Epstein’s “sex slave” and “live in sex slave”. She would have been between 14 and 17 at the time. So there’s little question that whatever she did related to Epstein’s crimes must be seen in the light of the fact that she was a probable victim herself. There’s nothing in the public record explaining how a 14-year old Slovakian wound up residing in the home of an American businessman, but a clue would be the well-documented relationship between Epstein and a modeling agency thought to be a front for sex trafficking.

When I met Marcinko in 2013, she told me she was a sometime model so I suspect that’s how Marcinko ended up in Epstein’s orbit. By the time of our meeting, Epstein had resolved his legal troubles with that brief and cushy jail stay and Marcinko was in the process of transforming herself.

She’d learned to fly while still living in Palm Beach, started several business ventures related to flying, and used her modeling and flying skills to accrue followers to her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. As an influencer with a growing audience, she was invited to participate in events that were marketing opportunities for various businesses. In short, Nadia Marcinko was aviation click bait.

There’s something heartening about turning a bad break into something better but something worrisome about the consistent pairing of flying and sex that encourages an audience of leers and comments – the very behavior that women have been trying to eliminate from the workplace, according to Elan Head, a commercial helicopter pilot and flight instructor and editor at MHM Publishing, who has been following Marcinko’s social channels over the years.

At first, she said, she found it “irritating to see a female pilot campaigning so aggressively on the basis of her physical appearance. But in the years since, particularly as Instagram has exploded, I’ve come to see Nadia in the context of social media dynamics that reward men for their accomplishments and women for their looks.

“Even if a female pilot doesn’t turn to social media, as Nadia did, with the cynical intention of trading on her appearance, she’ll quickly find that social media algorithms reward sexualized posts. Being a social media influencer these days comes with so many perks and earning opportunities — from free travel to Breitling sponsorships — that even accomplished professional women may be tempted to post boob shots and duck faces to boost their follower counts.”

Head worries about the message this sends to young girls. The answer seems self-evident in a YouTube video featuring Marcinko, which has already been viewed nearly two million times.

Marcinko, a woman whose adolescence was spent in the custody of and an active participant in the activities of an acknowledged pedophile is dressed as a little girl, who spoofs an older male pilot with her surprising acrobatic skills.

When they land, the pigtails are gone and the sweater is tossed revealing the little girl is a bombshell in a low-cut black dress.

Whatever Maxmantv and Marcinko hoped to achieve with the video, to my eye it is a metaphorical clip of her life. She’s ditched the little girl identity to emerge a woman of accomplishment still tying her value to her identity as a sexpot.

“What kind of message is this sending to young girls?” Head wonders, “that they can succeed as a pilot only by being hot and fun and sexy? Just as importantly, what kind of message is it sending to boys? That it’s OK to make remarks like, ‘Somebody drop the oxygen mask, this pilot took my breath away yo’?”

The sordid Epstein mess raises a multitude of questions about power, sex, money and justice. In our smaller, more narrowly focused world of aviation we too have questions to ask about the role of sex in promoting flying. Perhaps this sad and complicated story can show us how to make things better for men and women in our field. As always I welcome your thoughts.




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12 responses to “Will Jeff Epstein’s Popular “Global Girl” Face Sex Crime Charges Too?”

  1. Professional pilot says:

    Thank God you uncovered this in your past and recent post. Aa a professional pilot, her posts and attention craving behavior has been sickening to watch. It degrades women pilots and it was all possible because she took payouts, jobs, and handouts from Epstein. Her lifestyle is a ridiculous made up fantasy which she could never afford if she hadn’t received large sums from him. Her social media accounts are now all disabled. Thank God.

  2. Artimis says:

    Amen Sister

    As an ATP, Left seater, I cringe whenever this “lady’s” exploits are thrown up as examples (“Amelia Earhart” via DEN is another sick example) What about us simple women, flying the line like everyone else? These “girls” are just tarts with some moderate flying skills. Do NOT feed the troll.

  3. jena says:

    She needs to be persecuted if she does not cooperate with the child sex trafficking investigation regarding Jeffrey Epstein.

    In some sense you can say she is a victim herself. 14 years old is still an easily influenceable age if you are of weaker character like this Nadia.

    Even at that age most people had concept of what is right and what is wrong. She should know by then that what she is doing is wrong unless she grew up in that kind of environment.

    I hope she pays for the suffering and injustice she did to those children that she molest. I would not want to be in the same breathing airspace as her. What a sick person, using dildo (according to one victims statement in the news) on children. What a sick person, taking pride in being a sex slave. Those illegal immigrants who pick fruits had more dignity that her. At least they are not selling their dignity and body to gain money.

  4. J.P says:

    I’m glad someone wrote an article about her. I remember reading an article about her in Plane & Pilot, she was wearing 4 bars at 250 hours. This girl is all show. She makes the profession look cheap.


  5. Dsm says:

    Thank you for your well written article I hope she is brought to justice.

  6. DDD says:

    I once read that Jeffrey Epstein had “bought” her from her parents in Slovakia when she was only 13, brought her to the US, sent her to modeling school, and then to flight school, which makes her a victim too. Nadia is very smart, has Airline Pilot Rating, as well as Flight Instructor, and Ground Instructor Ratings, and has flown numerous private jets for him and other people, also flies her own very expensive aerobatic plane which I always suspect that Epstein bough it for her

  7. T. diNovi says:

    Nadia Marcinko (Marcinkova, feminine ‘Slavicization’ of Marcinko) appears to be from Košice, in southeast Slovakia. Her father, Peter Marcinko (b. 1961), appears to be an architect, educated; Nadia would not have been “bought.” It’s most likely her parents were duped by the notorious model agency pimp-scout Jean Luc Brunel of MC2, an associate of & procurer for Epstein.
    Sickening, sad story of a child-victim who bought in and became a victimizer & trafficker (jets/flying) of other young girls. Nadia appears to be a key figure in Epstein’s elaborate, entrenched child prostitution (& who knows what else … ) ring.
    Nadia Marcinko, now in her 30s, needs to face justice in the U.S., whatever her immigration status … (*needs to be investigated).
    *As for another of Nadia’s ‘protected’ accomplices (co-conspirator), Adriana Marcinska (aka Ada Marcinska, aka Adriana Ross), a former model from nearby Poland, seems to have disappeared, wherabouts unknown (*also needs to be investigated). Speculation she is dead.
    Monstrous story in progress.

  8. T. diNovi says:

    Another big story is right here. Epstein bragged about ‘buying’ Marcinko (aka Marcinkova) from her Slovak parents. Huh? Nadia’s father is apparently Peter Marcinko, an architect & instructor at a Slovak technical university … seems preposterous. Must have involved Fraud. But how do those parents feel now that it’s all been Exposed for the whole world to see? Is the Epstein/Marcinko story running in Slovakia? Is there outrage? Should be.
    Needs more disclosure and reporting.
    Marcinko is part of Epstein’s expansive teen-prostitution-kidnapping network and needs to investigated and reported asap. Thank you.

  9. S.W. says:

    I always found Nadia’s channel vapid and disturbing, as well as the adoration she received based on her looks. There is something in her eyes I found to be not quite right too. Generally speaking, I think the FAA should ban pilots from filming in the cockpit for self-promotional reasons. But in this instance Nadia (and her companies) must be investigated, lest controlled airspace be used as a modern day slave triangle. She had started organizations for young female pilots, and I find it hard to believe Epstein would bankroll her without expecting something in return. Not just a private pilot to look the other way, but a global ferry system for capturing and transporting girls anywhere in the world – with an unsuspicious female face at the helm. What I see in Nadia’s eyes is 50% traumatized victim – the other 50% is calculating predator. Seeing one shouldn’t blind us from seeing the other.

  10. I hope she can help authorities as to what happened to Maria. The TrumpEpstein rape case was withdrawn due to threats on 11/4/16. I agree parents were likely duped that she was going to be a star- guess in a horrid way that’s true.

  11. Little Jake says:

    Many who read about her exploits as a relative neophyte screamed “affirmative action!”

    I suspected there was more. Thanks

  12. Le says:

    Whether she was sold to Epstein by her parents when she was 14 – 15 or not, she ended up being his sex partner. At that age, she most likely adored the older, well accomplished, wealthy man. So if she helped getting other girls into that circle, one can argue she was seduced/brainwashed/manipulated… But she made something good out of the life she was dealt with… becoming a pilot… wow!!! It takes a very strong-willed person to do what she’s been able to do. The government should leave her alone. She might have been a smart calculating 15-year old (like many kids growing up in poorer countries), but she was still a kid easily seduced/manipulated by a wealthy older man.

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